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February 27, 2023 5:30pm

Alachua Chamber of Commerce 14801 Main Street, Alachua


Present: Archie Matthews(AM), Patricia Lee(PL), Walt Boyer(WB), Patrick Sell(PS), Jancie Vinson(JV), Monica Jones(MJ)Walt Boyer(WB)

The meeting was called to order at 5:40 by Chairman Walt Boyer. A quorum was present.

Minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as presented. Motion (JV) Second (PS), Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report. – Balance in checking is $1629.13, no checks or deposits were pending. Motion to accept(JV), Second(PL), motion passed.

DC Jones asked what information the Board would like reported.

-EQUIP applications have been received. There are 35 applications for Alachua County.

-CSP is open for funding, there are 5 applications.

-Questions about NRCS funding for Districts. None is available.

-Questions about events and meetings that Board members can attend. DC Jones will

Contact the statewide Outreach Coordinator to let the Board know about events.

-DC Jones commented about how other states are funded.

AFCD update. Supervisor Vinson noted that the training event sponsored by AFCD and NRCS was excellent. It was a good opportunity for networking. We need a Brochure. Supervisor Sell also remarked on the quality of the training, particularly about the Sunshine Law. He also remarked that we need to look at local concerns and identify a needs assessment. Supervisor Lee also felt that it was good training, and it was good that it came early in the year. Supervisor Matthews spoke about the OPPAGA audits that will begin this fall. It was noted that the OPPAGA audits will go back for 3 fiscal years.

Discussion of future meetings: the proposal to ask Alachua City Commissioners to attend a

Board meeting is problematic in that their Commission meetings are the second and fourth Mondays. Question was asked if we wanted to move our meeting day. Discussion followed. Supervisor Matthews noted that as an elected body we are required to advertise in the Florida Administrative Review(FAR). Currently FDACS pays to advertise all SWCD meetings once per year. If we move our meeting time and places we would have to advertise in the FAR each month, which is expensive. The Board could hold a workshop without advertising in the FAR. The Secretary will check into the cost of advertising in the FAR. Local advertising would be sufficient for a workshop.

Questions and suggestions:

-would we have enough information to present at a workshop.

-can we invite city officials that does not have a meeting that conflicts with ours.

-it was suggested that each Board member attend a city commission meeting after we create a brochure so that we have information to pass out.

Supervisor comments:

Supervisor Vinson commented that we need business cards and a banner. We should have a presence at the Santa Fe College Environmental Festival in April. (DC Jones noted that NRCS has coloring books and other information available for distribution at events.) the 5th Avenue Arts Festival and the spring Arts Festival were also noted as events where we could have visibility.

Supervisor Matthews noted that the 4H/FFA State Land Judging competition will be March 31st in Suwannee County. This is an opportunity to volunteer, he plans to be there. Supervisor Matthews is the liaison between Districts and the FFA on site selection and scheduling of the contest. We sponsored the contest in 2021 after a 2 year hiatus because of Covid. Information about the contest will be available at the next meeting.

Chairman Boyer noted that the website needs to be updated. Former Supervisor Lisa Charney was responsible for that, the chairman will get with her get access codes. He also suggested that Supervisor Vinson serve as liaison with the festivals suggested and with the League of Women Voters.

Supervisor Lee suggested Logokicks as a source for business cards, banners and a tablecloth. Question as to how this would be paid for, it was suggested to pay from the current funds in the bank as an investment in getting some visibility for the District.

Motion by Supervisor Vinson to get business cards printed for the members as well as a banner and brochures. Second by Supervisor Lee. Motion to amend by Supervisor Sell to get a quote first, second by Supervisor Matthews.

Supervisor Sell spoke about approaching GRU. He has contacts with the Senior Environmental engineer Jennifer McElroy in charge of water quality. Hopefully we could get a presentation at the March or April meeting. There is an irrigation system training tomorrow. Would like to partner with then. Will report at the next meeting.

DC Jones commented that it is great to see that the District is taking action.

Supervisor Lee spoke about having a strategic plan. Would like to see us engage with other officials and participate in events.

Chairman Boyer spoke about members engaging with city officials, any member can attend city commission meetings and speak during citizen comment time. It would be preferable for us to go to them to ask for partnerships rather than asking them to come to us.

Next meeting will be March 27th, 2023 at the Alachua Chamber of Commerce Building

Motion to adjourn(JV) Second(PL) Meeting adjourned 7:42