The Clay Soil & Water Conservation 2019 poster contest has ended. We received many brilliant, artistic and thoughtful submissions. We thank you students, parents and teachers for your effort!

**The 2019 award winners are as follows**

Ages 5-7
Reagan Singletary

Ages 8-10
Logan Singletary
Kayden Mize
Ethan Singletary

Ages 11-13
Amber Christopher
Nora Ibrahim
Christopher Mize

Ages 14-18
Ella Geiger
Makayla Mize

On Wednesday, March 20th at 4pm, students are able to pick up their prize, and also pose for a “Award Winner” photo with supervisors from the Clay Soil & Water Conservation District. If you are unable to attend this coming Wednesday, the prizes will be available at the front counter. Congratulations to all the award winning submissions!