Board of Supervisors Meeting Minutes
Meeting Date: 4/17/2018

Meeting Location:  Bert Harris Agricultural Center-Room 3
Sebring, FL
FINAL    Approved May 15, 2018
Recorded by:  Susie Bishop

Name Title Organization Present
Scott Kirouac Chairman Highlands Soil & Water Y
Dr. John Causey Vice-Chairman Conservation District Y
Doug Deen Secretary/Treasurer Conservation District Y
Pamela Fentress Supervisor Conservation District Y
Steve Smith Supervisor Conservation District Y
Commissioner Jim Brooks Liaison Highlands County Board of County Commissioners Y
Susie Bishop Executive Director Highlands Soil & Water Y
Drew Pitts MIL Manager Highlands Soil & Water Y
Jacob Miller MIL Tech Highlands Soil & Water Y
Carlos Torres District Conservation USDA-NRCS Y
Sierra Ayers Soil Conservation USDA-NRCS N
Kayla Nickerson FDACS-OAWP Env. Spec. III Y
Laurie Hurner Highlands Co. Extension Extension Director N
Ray Royce Highlands Co. Citrus Growers Ex. Director Y

Meeting Scheduled Start:   3:00 P.M.     Call to Order: @ 3:00 P.M.  
Public Meeting Announcement Read by Chairman

I. Welcome & Introductions

II. Approval of Agenda
Motion to approve agenda as presented (Fentress/Deen). Unanimous Approval.

III. Approval of Meeting Minutes
a. Board of Supervisors Workshop Minutes – March 13, 2018 – Motion made to approve minutes as presented (Fentress/Causey).  Unanimous Approval.
b. Board of Supervisors Meeting Minutes – March 13, 2018 – Motion made to approve minutes as presented (Fentress/Smith).  Unanimous Approval.

IV. Financial Activity
a. Overview of Financial Reports – Bishop presented the bank reconciliations and financial reports for March 2018.  Motion made to accept the bank reconciliations and financial reports as presented, (Fentress/Deen).   Unanimous approval.

V. Agency Partner Updates
a. NRCS – Torres announced CSP & EQIP applications are being taken through October for 2019 programs.  He is continuing to conduct site visits to hurricane damaged areas, having completed 32 and 20 more to complete in an effort to assist FSA. Torres presented the USDA Civil Rights Policy.
b. FDACS – K. Nickerson reported the director of OAWP, Steve Dwinell, is retiring this month and a new director will be transferred from another division of FDACS. Over 75% of the self verifications have been completed with excellent results. The core practices are being added to the BMP Manuals. In an effort not to interrupt work the current cost share contracts will be amended to continue until new contracts are developed. There will be a 2018-19 Citrus Re-Establishment Contract managed by HSWCD with $ 1 million for Northern Everglades area and $ 2 million for AgNPS area. There will be an application period for this program, running from June 15 through July 31, 2018.The projects will be required to be completed by May 31, 2019.
c. MIL – Pitts & Miller reported nine evaluated this quarter with several more scheduled. Group held discussion regarding well calibrations and Bishop will continue the discussion with FDACS-OAWP MIL Supervisors.
d. Extension – No Report
e. HCBCC – Commissioner Brooks reported the County work on phase three of the Parkway has been stopped for gopher tortoise relocation, but should resume tomorrow.

VI. Old Business
a. Lake McCoy Project  No new information to report
b. Agreement with Polk SWCD – Kirouac and Bishop explained the recent resignation of Supervisor Dockery, the contact we were working with.  Following lengthy discussion the board concurred to continue with the MOU with PSWCD for the BMP Tech position, but if any issues occur the agreement will be immediately re-assessed.
c. Chairman Kirouac explained Dr. Hannah Carter offered to return on May 15 to assist HSWCD develop their Work Plan.  Her proposal is to meet with clients of HSWCD from 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. and then with the Board of Supervisors at 3:00 p.m. to develop the Work Plan.  A list of names of potential client participants was made. Board concurred Bishop can provide them with lunch prior to the 1:00 meeting.

VII. New Business 
a. Youth Speech Contest – Chairman Kirouac shared the results of the Youth Speech Contest.

VIII. Executive Director’s Report
– Bishop informed the Board of  an offer from FDACS to purchase a second truck for HSWCD.  Quotes are being sought on a new truck and FDACS will pay for the purchase, fuel, insurance and repairs/maintenance of the second vehicle. This will enable Dakota and Earl to travel separately to perform their jobs.
– The annual FDACS-OAWP Stakeholders meeting will be held tomorrow. Bishop will attend on behalf of HSWCD.
– Thank you letters were received from SFSC and Warner University for the Scholarship funding from HSWCD.
– Bishop explained the new CFI the County is entering into with SWFWMD for a study to be conducted on Lake June.  HSWCD will hesitate to participate in this CFI if asked.
– Since Congressman Rooney is not seeking re-election, Bishop has asked the County to give HSWCD an opportunity to use the office space he uses should his successor not want to use the same office.
– Bishop shared a request from Avon Park High School FFA for funding for a student citrus grove project.  Supervisor D. Deen will acquire more details of what is needed and the project itself, reporting back to the board next month.

IX. Citizens Not on the Agenda

X. Supervisor Comments
Fentress – Shared with the board Neal Combee is running for the seat being vacated by Dennis Ross.   The new Lake Placid Florida Student Community Garden project is being constructed. The group of volunteers has a need for funds for irrigation and shade cloth. Motion was made to contribute $250.00 to this project (Smith/Fentress) Unanimous approval.
Causey – Causey reported the support he has received from the Lake Placid Rotary club for the solar lighting at dark school bus stops in an effort to provide added safety to the children waiting for a school bus in the dark. Motion was made to contribute $250.00 to this project (Fentress/Smith).  Unanimous approval.
Smith – None
Deen – None
Kirouac – A position with Fish Branch Tree Farm as an assistant grower of trees was shared with the Board. Also, prayers were asked for Kim Gose, wife of John Gose who works for Lykes Bros. Citrus, she is battling cancer.         

Meeting Adjourned at 4:59 p.m.   

Post Meeting Action Items

Action Assigned To Deadline
Continue to work with PSWCD to manage a BMP Tech. Position in Polk County S. Bishop May 1, 2018
Organize and prepare for the Work Plan workshop S. Bishop & H. Carter May 15, 2018
Attend FDACS meetings in April in Gainesville S. Bishop April 27, 2018
Conduct Area 4 Youth Speech Contest S. Bishop April 24, 2018
Determine best price and purchase new truck for HSWCD S. Bishop May 15, 2018
Attain details of funding request from APHS-FFA D. Deen May 15, 2018
Continuance of managing of FDACS Contracts/Staff S. Bishop Ongoing