Board of Supervisors Meeting Minutes
Meeting Date: 5/15/2018

Meeting Location:  Bert Harris Agricultural Center – Room 2
Sebring, FL
Final – Approved June 19, 2018
Recorded by:  Susie Bishop

Name Title Organization Present
Scott Kirouac Chairman Highlands Soil & Water Y
Dr. John Causey Vice-Chairman Conservation District N
Doug Deen Secretary/Treasurer Conservation District Y
Pamela Fentress Supervisor Conservation District Y
Steve Smith Supervisor Conservation District Y
Commissioner Jim Brooks Liaison  Highlands Co. Board of County Commissioners Y
Susie Bishop Executive Director Highlands Soil & Water  Y
Jacob Miller MIL Manager Highlands Soil & Water N
Dakota McCullers BMP Tech Highlands Soil & Water Y
Earl Thomas BMP Tech Highlands Soil & Water Y

Meeting Scheduled Start:   3:00 P.M.     Call to Order: @ 3:00 P.M.  
Public Meeting Announcement Read by Chairman

I. Welcome & Introductions

II. Approval of Agenda
Motion to approve agenda as presented (Fentress/Smith). Unanimous Approval.

III. Approval of Meeting Minutes
a. Board of Supervisors Meeting Minutes –April 17, 2018 – Motion made to approve minutes as presented (Fentress/Smith).  Unanimous Approval.

IV. Financial Activity
a. Overview of Financial Reports – Bishop presented the bank reconciliations and financial reports for April 2018. Motion made to accept the bank reconciliations and financial reports as presented, (Smith/Deen).   Unanimous approval.

V. Old Business
a. Lake McCoy Project Fentress & Bishop reported the project is completed and the invoice for final payment has been received. The total costs to HSWCD was $15.47 more than was budgeted. Fentress personally contributed $15.47 to the project so no budget amendment is needed. Bishop will submit final payment.
b. Agreement with Polk SWCD Bishop reported she and Supervisor S. Smith participated in a meeting with a few Polk Farm Bureau members to discuss the current status of the Polk SWCD Board. She & Smith agreed the meeting was successful and positive. Drew Pitts has relocated to Polk office and is now a BMP Technician in Polk County area.

VI. New Business
a. Financial Disclosure Reports – Kirouac reminded Supervisors to complete and submit their financial disclosure reports to the Supervisor of Elections office or to Bishop by the end of June.
b. July Meeting – Kirouac asked Board if they would prefer to not hold the regularly scheduled Board meeting in July as has been done in the past. Decision was tabled until the June 19, 2018 meeting.

VII. Executive Director’s Report
– Bishop reported the Audit has been started and will be presented in June.
– The Avon Park Mitigation Inspection was completed and submitted to USFW.
A draft of the Annual AFCD Meeting being held in late August in Ocala

VIII. Strategic Work Plan
Dr. Hannah Carter facilitated the completion of our short range And long range work plans.

IX. Citizens Not on the Agenda

X. Supervisor Comments

Meeting Adjourned at 4:59 p.m.   


Post Meeting Action Items

Action Assigned To Deadline
Submit final payment for Lake McCoy Project to HCBCC S. Bishop May 18, 2018
Organize and develop Long Range & Short Range Work Plans S. Bishop & H. Carter June 30, 2018
Assist with Audit S. Bishop & Auditors June 19, 2018
Continue to work with PSWCD to manage BMP Tech S. Bishop Ongoing
Complete General Fund Budget Amendments S. Bishop June 19, 2018
Continuance of managing of FDACS Contracts/Staff S. Bishop Ongoing