MEETING DATE: 02/16/2021

Meeting Location: HSWCD Conf. Room – Bert Harris Center
FINAL – Approved 3/16/2021
Recorded by: Susie Bishop


I. Welcome & Introductions
John Causey Chairman Highlands Soil & Water Conservation District
Steve Smith Vice-Chair. Highlands Soil & Water Conservation District
Pam Fentress Supervisor Highlands Soil & Water Conservation District
Doug Deen Supervisor Highlands Soil & Water Conservation District
T.J. Wohl Supervisor Highlands Soil & Water Conservation District
Scott Kirouac Commissioner Highlands Co. Bd. Of Co. Commissioners
Susie Bishop Ex. Director Highlands Soil & Water Conservation District
Carlos Torres Conserv. USDA-NRCS

II. Approval of Agenda:
Motion to approve Agenda as presented. (Wohl/Fentress). Unanimous approval.

III. Approval of Meeting Minutes January 5, 2021
a. Motion to approve minutes as presented. (Fentress/Wohl). Unanimous approval.

IV. Financial Activity
a. Overview & Approval of Financial Reports- December 2020 & January 2021 – Bishop reviewed the financial reports. Due to early meeting date in January the December 2020 & January 2021 bank statements were reviewed. Motion made to approve financial reports as presented (Fentress/Wohl) Unanimous approval.

V. Agency Partner Updates
a. FDACS & MIL – Bishop reported the MIL is up to date on deliverables with no issues of concern. Also, on the Statewide MIL Virtual Meeting earlier today the HSWCD- MIL is the only MIL in the state meeting their required deliverables. Nickerson & Bishop shared the continued progress staff has made with completion of IVs and the appreciation for all the hard work received from Supervisors /Managers with FDACS- OAWP. The process for the IV work may be changing some, staff is waiting on leadership to provide that new direction. Bishop announced cost share agreements have increased in the past few weeks.
b. NRCS – Torres presented the guidelines & questionnaire for the 2021 Local Working Group meeting that needs to be held in partnership with HSWCD by early May. The deadline to present results to NRCS is May 31. Bishop and Torres will work on this together. He shared that due to HSWCD presenting their results in the past new rankings were added to their program. The NRCS is operating under Phase 1 of the COVID pandemic,but are keeping appointments with producers.
c. HCBCC – No Report.

V. Old Business – None

VI. New Business
a. Office Security – Bishop explained all the security measures that have been installed in the office. Pricing for tinting the windows was presented. Bishop explained she asked FDACS and NRCS for assistance in covering the cost of these security measures. FDACS agreed to fund half of the costs with funds from the BMP Tech and/or MIL Contracts. NRCS denied the ask stating they didn’t have a means in place to issue payment. The total cost to date is $ 4,829.00, Adding the window tinting will add $ 293.00. Motion was made to add the window tinting (Smith/Wohl). Unanimous approval.
b. Interns – Bishop shared Supervisor Deen’s inquiry regarding having a college intern in the office. If they are not paid the college should accept responsibility for any injuries incurred while with HSWCD. If they are paid then they would be covered by our Worker’s Comp. Policy. The student Deen was seeking placement for has found an opportunity, but Bishop will be open to any others who inquire.

VIII. Executive Director’s Report
Bishop asked the Supervisors to review and update their Bios for the website.
Bishop discussed staffing topics with the Board.

XI. Supervisor Comments
– None
Wohl – None
Fentress – None
Smith – None
Bishop demonstrated the security systems to the Board.

Meeting Adjourned at 4:32 p.m.