Highlands Soil & Water Conservation District


Work Plans


Having developed new work plans for the District several years ago, the Board of Supervisors and Staff use the plans to constantly work towards the identified goals.  Every five years the Highlands Soil & Water Conservation District completes a S.W.O.T. analysis during a workshop to update the short-term and long-term work plans. This includes identification of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to give the organization an overall analysis of the work they do or need to do.  


Short Term Target Areas & Goals:


Conservation of Natural Resources & Agricultural Sustainability

  • Pursue conservation easements with various entities. Explore partnerships with Highlands County on projects for natural resources.

Special Projects

  • Identify school based staff to manage a Weather STEM station in every school.
  • Continue to seek and manage special projects through FDACS-OAWP, WMD and Highlands County.
  • Organize and host a vendor & technology fair for farmers.

Board of Supervisors & Public Outreach Education

  • Continue management of a very successful Community Garden.
  • Create a HSWCD information tabloid for public distribution.
  • Maintain and increase involvement in Conservation & Agriculture Events.      


Long Term Target Areas & Goals:  


Conservation of Natural Resources & Agricultural Sustainability

  • Conduct grower education of alternative practices to promote conservation.
  • Create a guide for farmers of programs & services available to them.


Special Projects

  • Provide some funding to special projects that relate to the District’s Mission.
  • Continue active involvement with Highland County Ag Venture.
  • Evaluate staff training, job descriptions and funding.


Board of Supervisors & Public Outreach/Education

  • Feature articles about farmers who have completed a farm project through the cost share program.
  • Attendance at meetings and events to share the work of the District.