Marion Soil and Water Conservation District (MSWCD)
2710 East Silver Springs Boulevard
Ocala, FL 34470
March 22, 2022
9:30 AM

PLEASE NOTE: Individuals wishing to address the Board will need to sign in. A three-minute time limit will be administered to each of these individuals. PLEASE MUTE ALL PHONES. This agenda is used as guidance for the structure of the meeting. Thank you.

The Board did not have time to cover all the agenda items. These items all have been TABLED to the April Meetings.

I. Call to Order
Chairman Justin Albright called the meeting to order at 9:39 AM.

Roll Call
Justin Albright, Chairman
Vivi Serena, Vice-Chairman/Treasurer
Colleen Stenstream, Secretary
Brent London, Supervisor

Others in Attendance
James Fort, FDACS Contract Manager: left at 10:44
Robyne Fraize, MCBCC HR Manager: left at 11:44
Ann Bishop, MSWCD Staff
Tina Johns, Citizen

Proof of Publication
Star-Banner – Sent an email on March 9 and a reminder on March 15.

Florida Administrative Weekly – Posted in the FL Admin Weekly on March 15.

NRCS – Sent an email on March 9 and a reminder on March 18.

Marion County Board of County Commissioners – Sent an email on March 9 and a reminder on March 15.

II. MSWCD (Review/Update)
 Bylaws
The Board discussed changes to the bylaws. Ann Bishop will make corrections and present it at the next meeting.

 Long Range Plan
The Long Range Plan is due at the end of this fiscal year. Some changes were discussed. The Board will like to review this plan in a few months after each supervisor takes on a district project.

Colleen Stenstream discussed partnerships. The Supervisors all decided to take on one project, planning that event, getting volunteers involved, and work in conjunction with Ann Bishop on their plan. Justin Albright suggested getting input on project ideas from citizens and youth, since they will invest more time if it is something they are interested in doing.

 Annual Plan
The Board would like to keep this plan as is, but the figures and small details need to be updated to the current, correct figures.

The Board held a discussion with James Fort. James stated that any new operating procedures (for technicians) need to be approved by the department FDACS, but the standard operating procedure (for the Board) does not, but James stated FDACS would like to review these. Ann Bishop stated that FDACS reviewed and approved the technician job description, but she will send it to James since he stated he did not see it. The Board would like to schedule a meeting with FDACS to determine roles of each agency regarding technicians and the contracts, as it was discussed at the November meeting. James will get back with the Board with dates and times, and asked that the Board provide him with a list of concerns or issues that the Board would like addressed. James Fort stated that the Board could refuse a contract or an agreement, especially when it is to the State’s benefit, but this needs to be communicated to FDACS as to what the reasons are for the refusal. The Board asked James to what extent a technician can assist with district duties, especially if these duties relate to the contracts or producers. James asked for examples, which Ann Bishop will provide to him. James stated, generally speaking, yes; as long as, it does not take away from his/her duties or deliverables as outlined in the contract. James stated that FDACS does not want to take away from the effectiveness of the boards, and that we need to let him know what we need, and he will try to advocate for it. James asked Ann Bishop to call him tomorrow.

 Manuals (Creation)
– Standard Operating Procedure
– Employee Handbook
Ann Bishop sent the Board copies of several handbooks for review.

 Hiring
– Contract Outside District
– HR Consultant
Robyne Fraize will not be able to act as a Human Resource Consultant. She suggested Darlene Goder as an alternate and that a temp service agency would be the way to go if we can use that type of recruiting. Robyne also gave a few suggestions on who we can partner with: Lynn Nobles, Matthew Leibfried, and Allen Jones.

– Payroll Agency
Ann Bishop gave a few quotes on what she found out regarding payroll agencies.

– Temp Agency
James Fort will find out if we can use a temp agency to hire the techs.

– Technicians
– Contract

– Posting Positions

– Vehicle (3)
James Fort was asked about purchasing the third truck and told the District to wait until the amended contract. Ann Bishop mentioned that the current contract expires at the end of June.

– Training/Classes

– Benefits
Ann Bishop stated that the insurance companies are not giving any quotes on benefits, i.e. health coverage, until the employees’ demographic information can be provided, since the range can vary significantly depending on who is hired. Ann read the statement from PRIA (Brown and Brown) regarding this.

IV. Staff Report & Recap
 Reporting
– NEDEP Report
– Commission of Ethics
– Audit

 Financials

 Office Space
The office is being dismantled April 8 thru April 10. Ann Bishop ordered tubs for the move. The Board stated to contact them if help is still needed.

 Farm Land Preservation Festival
The Farm Land Preservation Festival is April 9 at the Rockstar Arena from 9 AM – 3 PM. Tina Johns and Brent London will be attending. Ann Bishop will look to see what items she has for this festival.

 Meetings
– AFCD Meeting (Recap)
The Board will need to hold a local working group in either October or November every year, and if the Board is not able to conduct this meeting, the Board needs to let NRCS know, so they can conduct it.

AFCD discussed SB 1078; Clegg Hooks, FDACS, stated that his agency is continuing to hold meetings regarding this Bill. A debate occurred on the agriculture definition as defined in s.570.02, and AFCD stated their opinion is that the seat a Supervisor occupies in one of the five-zoned districts, he/she must reside in that district the day he/she takes office. AFCD stated that individuals should write the Governor if they oppose this Bill, but unfortunately, they will not be sending a letter.

– Midyear
The Board all gave permission for Douglas Bishop to drive the vehicle to Orlando to pick Ann Bishop up from airport after attending the SECDEA Midyear Conference; this decision was the most cost effective for the Board. In addition, the Board all agreed that the vehicle could be driven to the Envirothon.

 Contests
– Poster/Found Art
– Land Judging
– Envirothon
– Scholarship

V. Upcoming Events
– FCDEA Monthly Meeting/FDACS Reporting Due – March 15
– AFCD Quarterly Meeting – March 18
– Envirothon – March 24
– Scholarship Deadline – March 25
– UF/IFAS Extension Partnership Meeting – March 28
– SECDEA Midyear – April 4-7
– Farm Land Preservation Festival– April 9
– Office Move – April 8-10
– AFCD Website Monthly Training – April 11
– MSWCD Monthly Meeting – April 12
– FDACS Reporting Due – April 15
– FCDEA Monthly Meeting – April 19
– Run for the Springs – April 30
– FCDEA Midyear – May 12-13

VI. General Public Comments

VII. Supervisor Comments

VIII. Meeting Adjournment
– Our next board meeting is April 12, 2022 at 9:30 AM in the Growth Services Building.

– With no other business needing addressed, Justin Albright adjourned the meeting at 12:07 PM, until our next meeting.

MSWCD’s regular meetings are held at 9:30 AM on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, and their workshops are held the 4th Tuesday of each month at 9:30 AM, tentatively. Both meetings are located in Growth Services, located at 2710 E. Silver Springs, Ocala, FL 34470. For more information, call (352) 438-2475.