Date and Time of Meeting:  Wednesday, March, 11 2020 1:00 PM  

Location of Meeting:  200 NW 5th Street, Okeechobee, FL  34972  

  1. Supervisor Rutledge called meeting to at 1:10pm 
  1. Roll Call, establish quorum 
 Mariano Corona, Chairman 
 Glynn Rutledge, Secretary-Treasurer 
 Douglas Burnham, Supervisor 
 Don Sellers, Jr., Supervisor 
  Nicki Smith, Supervisor 
  1. Motion to approve December 11, 2019 Board Minutes (Burnham/Sellers). Unanimous. 
  2. Motion to approve Financial Report- FY 20- to-date (Sellers/Burnham). Unanimous. 
    1. Staff Reports 
      1. Audrey Kuipers gave the OSWCD Program updates. 
      2. Howard Harrison gave the NRCS Program updates. 
      3. Sheila Shirah gave FDACS Program updates. 
  3. Unfinished Business– Discussion on Agri-Civic Center nature trail.  Board would like to see more than one quote on trail clearing. 
  4. New Business 
    1. Howard Harrison went over the annual USDA-NRCS Civil Rights Review. Board signed acknowledgment form. 
    2. Motion to approve the Memorandum of Agreement between NRCS and OSWCD as presented (Burnham/Sellers). Unanimous. 
  5. Local Working Group Meeting date set for May 13 1pm. 
  6. Upcoming Events 
    1. March 17-22 |Okeechobee County Fair| Soil Demonstrations 
    2. March 27 | State Land Judging Contest | Alachua 
    3. April 6 | FDACS Staff Meeting | Tallahassee  
    4. April 23 | AFCD Area 4 Meeting | JB Ranch Ft. Meyers 
    5. May 11-12|FDACS Partnership Meeting | TBA 
    6. Sept 9-11 | AFCD Annual Meeting | Ft. Walton Beach  
  7.       Adjournment at 3:00pm