PSWCD Meeting Minutes

January 21, 2020

• Joe Garrison called the meeting together at 4:05 pm. He started the meeting by leading
the Pledge of Allegiance.

• Kyle Carlton moved to accept the minutes from the November 2019 meeting. Daniel
Lanier seconded the motion, motion passed.

• Roll was called. Joe Garrison, Kyle Carlton, Daniel Lanier and Dr. Sharon Masters was
present. Brett Upthagrove was absent.

• Kyle Carlton gave his Vice Chair Report. He discussed the upcoming Poster and Speech
contest to be held at the FFA LTC February 18 where the board will also have a
workshop. Kyle told the board that he would notify them of the location for the Polk
County Land Judging Contest to be held March 3rd. It had been discussed in the past and
the board was still in agreement to provide food and drinks to the participants.

• Daniel Lanier went over the budget and mentioned the minutes that had previously
been accepted.

• Joe Garrison discussed with the board about trying to get more cost share projects in
Polk County.

• Jeff Wilton with SWFWMD introduced himself. He talked about some of their projects.
He discussed the AGSWM group to help producers with BMP’s. Jeff agreed to do a
presentation before the board at the March meeting.

• Charlene Meeks informed the board that April 24 is the Area 3 AFCD Meeting. It is
hosted by the Lake County SWCD.

• Charlene Meeks announced that the State AFCD Meeting will be held in Ft. Walton
Beach September 9-11. The state contests will be held then.

• Kyle Carlton talked about a Winter Teacher meeting he attended. He brought up a soil
class he attended that was sponsored by FNGLA. Kyle suggested that the board look into
providing some of these test kits to the schools where students can learn the basics
about soil. He asked that we consider it and discuss it at the March meeting.

• Drew Pitts had on the agenda to discuss a water bottle filling station. He wasn’t present
at the meeting to discuss this.

• Joe Garrison motioned to adjourn the meeting. Daniel Lanier seconded the motion. The
meeting was adjourned at 4:42.