PSWCD Board Meeting Minutes

July 21st, 2020

• The meeting was called to order at 4:06 pm via Zoom.

• Joe Garrison led the Pledge of Allegiance.

• Joe Garrison, Daniel Lanier, Dr. Sharon Masters and Brett Upthagrove were present at the time of roll call. Kyle Carlton was absent.

• Dr. Sharon Masters motioned to approve the minutes, Daniel Lanier seconded. The motion passed.

• Joe Garrison gave the Chair’s Report. Joe has spoken with the League of Cities. There are supposed to get back with him with a quote after verifying Bailey        Buchannon’s coverage through FDACS.

• Daniel Lanier gave the Treasurer’s Report.

• Dr. Sharon Masters and Brett Upthagrove had no comments.

• Matt Warren talked about some cost share projects and where the funding was coming from. It seems as most funding is going to Northern Everglades and BMAP areas.

• Bailey Buchannon is working on reaching out to producers and enrolling them into BMAP programs currently.

• Joe Garrison asked if there was any old business. There was none.

• Joe Garrison asked if there was any new business.

• Brett Upthagrove asked for bank statements from closing an old account and opening a new account. Joe Garrison stated that no accounts had been changed at all.

• Brett Upthagrove suggested that we change the line item from “dues” to DOE to “assessment”.

• There was some discussion about the insurance policy.

• Joe clarified that Bailey Buchannon is Polk’s employee through a payroll service.

• Brett Upthagrove asked if she had all of the state benefits. Angela Weeks- Somonie joined the meeting at this point. Brett then asked Angela if Bailey was offered benefits. Angela explained that Bailey had all of the benefits due to her position that she chooses. Angela then stated that Raven Mundy
will become the project manager for payroll and we will be seeing some contract changes soon. Then Angela gave an in depth explanation concerning payroll and benefits. • Raven Mundy purchased more time for the meeting to continue past the free 45 minutes from Zoom.

• Angela Weeks- Samonie then asked Raven Mundy to compile an email with questions concerning Bailey Buchannon’s employment package.

• Kyle Carlton joined the meeting and gave his Vice Chair Report. He stated that he has spoken with Jessica Anderson and there are no dates for the FFA/ 4-H contests yet due to COVID-19.

• Daniel Lanier asked Chad Allison if he had anything he would like to add.

• Chad Allison is working on funding for REPPI. He invited the board to visit the website and join in the upcoming webinar on the 29th.

• Daniel Lanier motioned to adjourn the meeting. Kyle Carlton seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 5:05 pm.