Polk County Soil and Water Conservation District

July 20, 2021

Meeting Minutes


  • The meeting was called to order at 4:15 by Joe Garrison. Joe also led thePledge of Allegiance.

  • Joe Garrison called role, all board members were in attendance in person.

  • Joe Garrison asked for a motion to approve the minutes. Brett Upthagrove disagreed with the way a statement of his was written. This opened up conversation about the old receipts that Brett hasn’t brought forward yet. Joe Garrison stated that the attorney has been emailed but has not responded to the request for the receipts. Daniel Lanier made the suggestion to make the changes and insert the words “since the attorney has them” in the sentence so that the sentence reads “Brett responded that he needs it in a letter submitted to his attorney since the attorney has them.” Katie Smith seconded the motion, motion was approved.

  • David Lawson Jr was sworn in by a notary to fill the empty seat on the board.

  • David Lawson Jr. asked for clarification on the missing receipts and to be brought up to speed with the issue. Joe Garrison explained that a few receipts were missing. Brett Upthagrove talked about how he was busy and they got lost.

  • Matt Warren gave an FDACS update. He talked about the new 501 rule and the BMAP work Leah Mears has been doing. The new fiscal year has started so there is new cost share money available. Brett Upthagrove asked why our cost share money is still going through another county (Hardee). Matt explained that basically the Polk board has been too “wishy washy” to be turned loose with cost share completely on their own. The Polk board is still getting a 5% admin fee for the employee and the cost share is to come asPolk becomes more stable.

  • Joe Garrison brought up the election of new officers.

  • Joe Garrison nominated Daniel Lanier for Chair, David Lawson Jr seconded, motion passed.

  • Daniel Lanier nominated Joe Garrison as Vice Chair. David Lawson Jr seconded, motion passed. 

  • Daniel Lanier asked Katie Smith if she would consider becoming the new Secretary/Treasurer, she accepted. Joe Garrison made the motion, Brett Upthagrove seconded, motion passed. 

  • Joe Garrison asked Katie Smith about working on a budget for the board. 

  • Brett Upthagrove asked about the board being reimbursed for state dues. 

  • Joe Garrison asked for a motion to adjourn, Daniel Lanier made the motion, David Lawson Jr seconded, motion passed and the meeting was adjourned at 4:52.