Polk Soil and Water Conservation District

September 21, 2021 Meeting Minutes


Attendees: Joe Garrison, Katie Smith, Daniel Lanier, Brett Upthagrove, Mike Ruiz, David Lawson


1. Call to Order


2. Pledge of Allegiance


3. Roll Call for Attendees listed above


4. Approved July 16th Meeting Minutes

a. Joe motion, David 2nd

b. All in favor, motion passes


5. Chair Report – Daniel Lanier

a. No updates


6. Vice Chair Report – Joe Garrison

a. No updates


7. Secretary/Treasurer Report – Katie Smith

a. No updates

b. Signature cards will be signed at the next in person meeting in November


8. Public Relations Report

a. No updates


9. Old Business

a. Request receipts from Brett Upthagrove for 2017/2018

i. Daniel in contact with Brett’s Lawyer, item to be resolved


b. Prepare Budget for PSWCD

i. Katie to email raven for items needed to fill out budget form sample

ii. Brett to email previous years contest expenditure amounts for budget


10. New Business

a. Land Judging

i. Daniel – contest to be held 3/3/2022 at 3pm, location in Polk but still undisclosed

1. Ag teachers requesting to do speech and poster contest in conjunction with land judging. Topic to still be released

ii. Brett – Run a Envirothon for kids in the science labs


b. 2021 FASD Conference

i. Brett – attended recently, says lots of resources available and a discount membership available to the board. Grant writers are available so we can do some new projects.

ii. Daniel – will ask Angela if we can be reimbursed for membership

iii. Joe – researching more information


c. Local Work Group Meeting

i. Daniel – set the work group meeting in November to discuss 2023 budget after the board meeting

ii. Brett – NRCS is required by law to have this meeting and boards are able to determine funding.

iii. Joe – Interested in tree defender as a cost sharing project

iv. Motion by Daniel to have WG meeting here after Nov Board Meeting

v. 2nd by Katie

vi. All in favor except Brett


11. Adjournment

a. Joe – Motion

b. David – 2nd

c. All in favor