Polk Soil and Water Conservation District

November 16, 2021 Meeting Minutes


Attendees: Katie Smith, Daniel Lanier, David Lawson 


1. Call to Order 


2. Pledge of Allegiance 


3. Roll Call for Attendees listed above 


4. Approved Sept 21st Meeting Minutes 

a. David motion, Katie 2nd 

b. All in favor, motion passes 


5. Chair Report – Daniel Lanier

a. Someone submitted an application for the open position 

b. Pay AFCD Dues for $350 

i. Daniel motions, Katie 2nds

ii.All in favor, motion passes 


6. Vice Chair Report – Joe Garrison

a. Absent 


7. Secretary/Treasurer Report – Katie Smith 

a. No updates 


8. Public Relations Report 

a. No updates 


9. Old Business 

a. Request receipts from Brett Upthagrove for 2017/2018 

i. Daniel never heard from the lawyer 

b. Prepare Budget for PSWCD 

i. Presented info 


10. New Business 

a. Local Workgroup Meeting starting at 4:45pm 


11. Adjournment 

a. Katie motions, David 2nds 

b. All in favor, motion passes